Day of Fun for Us Both,18+ M/F.

She arrives in for a weekend romp and he is anxiously waiting for her at the
station. Their eyes meet as she’s walking up the walkway and he sees that she’s wearing a very sexy short skirt, tight-fitting top and heels. He grins
knowingly as she slips into his arms and he pulls her body very tightly
against his. She feels his hardening manhood jutting against her stomach and
presses her pubic bone into it. Before they release one another, their hands
casually slide down over each other’s bottoms and give a gentle squeeze. Not
caring if people are watching or if they’re blocking the path, they hold
onto each other for a moment longer, and then begin their journey.

They jump into the rental car and as he’s driving to his flat, she
reaches over and slides her hand along his thigh, then buries her fingers in
the heat gathered between his legs, and rubs his manhood through his jeans. She can feel it swell and strain against the fabric, but now isn’t the time to
release it. Not yet! He spreads his legs apart a little as he drives to
allow her to move her hand down across his balls. She cups them in her hand
and presses and fondles them as she pushes her fingers against his backside.

They manage to get to his place without having an accident (screw!)…though
their thoughts are on getting naked, not driving! Finally they make through
the door and practically throw her stuff down – not worried about unpacking
at the moment. Once again they are all over each other. He is curious to
know if she’s as worked up as she looks to be, and he reaches down and hooks
her leg over his arm, then lifts it up waist-high, and slides his hand along
the underside of her thigh until his fingers find the wetness gathered in
the crotch of her panties. Her pussy clenches involuntarily at his touch and
she groans as a surge of heat rushes through her body. With a glint in his
eye, he slides his hand back towards her knee, keeping it raised and splayed
to the side, as he lowers himself so he can see the dark wet spot that’s
growing in her crotch. With his other hand he slips a finger into the creamy
wetness and pulls the fabric aside then begins his oral on her
lips…tentatively flicking his tongue over them, burying his nose against
her clit and breathing in the succulent scent. She pushes against his face
and grabs the back of his head to steady herself. Her legs become weak as he
probes her pussy and she wants to sink down onto the carpet and spread her
legs further so she can savour the exquisite sensations he’s causing to
engulf her whole body. However, he makes her stand there teetering on one
spiked heel tip, clinging to him. She’s practically sitting on his face,
and then he swings her leg over his shoulder and plunges his fingers into her
pussy while his teeth are nibbling and pulling on her clit. She pushes
against his fingers as he moves them in and out, forcing them deeper with
each thrust until she is screaming and panting for more. She feels the
familiar tingling begin to build throughout her body until her cum starts
spewing out around his fingers, coating his hand. He moves his mouth closer
to drink it in before it can run down his arm and drip onto the floor. When
he leans back to look into her eyes, she can see that his face is slick with
a coating of shiny juice. In a husky voice, he tells her to sit on the
couch. She moves to the couch and he hovers over her, leaning in with his
face close to hers, and kisses her – letting her taste herself on his
tongue. Their mouths devour each other as their tongues entwine, sucking and
biting and savouring the flavour. While they are lost in their exploration, he
pushes her back until she is lying on the couch – his body half covering
hers. Her arms find their way around his body and she runs her hands along
his sides, across his back, then down to squeeze handfuls of his backside while
pulling his hard manhood tighter against her. She works his shirt loose from the waist and pulls it up so she can rake her nails across his bare flesh.

He raises up and rolls her over onto her stomach then lifts her hips so she’ s face-down on the couch with her backside in the air. He strokes her hips and
back as he rubs his naked chest over her butt. He grips her panties with his
teeth and pulls them down off her backside, licking and nibbling her skin as he
goes. When they have descended to her lower thighs, he takes the panties in his
hands and slowly slides them down the length of her legs, smearing the pre-cum
that is drenching them onto her. He lays them to the side and slides his
body along her legs once more. He places his hands on her backside and spreads it apart then dives in to lick her entire slit. His tongue swirls around her
backside as he pulls her open even more. She pushes back against his tongue and feels him penetrate that tight hole. She squeals at the sensation and can
feel more cum bubbling out of her pussy.

She moans that she wants his manhood and begs him to give it to her. He whispers that his manhood wants her too, but it needs to be slick before it will slide into her lovely, tight backside. She turns back over as he quickly undresses. Then he straddles her chest, jutting his manhood against her chin. She gives the tip a tiny kiss then opens her mouth and with a sweep of her flared tongue, devours the pre-cum that is pooling from his slit.

He pushes it deeper into her hungry mouth and she sucks and licks and savours the feel of his soft skin as her hands knead his thighs and backside.

His manhood swells even more and she tries to draw it further
down her throat. He doesn’t want to give her that sweet cream yet so he
rolls off of her and repositions her with her backside in the air. He runs his
manhood along her crotch, dipping it briefly into her pussy – just enough to
tease her, but then slides it along to her burning backside. He presses the tip
against it and with a thrust, he penetrate the tight rim. She screams out
and throws her head back and adjusts to the fullness she feels. Gently he
works his manhood deeper and deeper into her cavity, swirling her hips in
circles to relax the inner walls. He can feel the tight constriction grip
his manhood and as he begins to move in and out, she matches his strokes,
slamming hard against him, begging him to fuck her harder. He rolls his head
back, letting a deep moan escape his lips, caught up in the delightful
sensations coursing through his body and she feels him tremble. She hears
his sharp intake of breath and knows that he is about to cum. Within
moments she feels his manhood throb and then his cum, like liquid fire, fills
her. She shudders and screams as her backside convulses around his hot rod and the mixture of their fluids oozes out and runs over their bodies.

That could happen? But of course it is a story so just some thing to think about and say WELL. BYE Hugs &



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Oh how naughty of me, so out of character!

After waiting a while and admittedly doubting if he would turn up, I opened the door to a nice looking guy, he was fairly tall, slim and seemed really nice. He’d requested that I wear stockings and nice underwear, which I did.

Mr X made himself comfortable and told me what he liked as we got the paperwork out-of-the-way.

Now I’m still so stunned at my reaction that I really cannot remember if he was fully naked or semi clothed, but anyway, we laid on the bed kissing and I could feel that he was incredibly horny and ready for more even at that early stage, so I reached down and began wanking and caressing his balls, he was rather a large man so I knew we’d have fun.

He popped my tits out of my bra and they sprang out like loaded cannons. He loved that they are so huge. He then sucked my nipples which were in need of a little attention.

His hand wandered between my legs and he hit the spot immediately, no fumbling, no neon sign needed, he was right at my favourite place. I think he was quite surprised at how wet I was already, but I don’t need much encouragement in that area, the sound of my wetness as he slid his fingers in and out made him hornier than ever. He even managed to get all his fingers in and this nearly sent him over the edge!

After a short while, he spread my legs and eagerly set his tongue to work on my clit, I’ve never met anyone so eager for pussy. Now those who’ve met me before know that I’m not overly vocal during my visits, I believe actions speak louder than words! But something changed inside me and I couldn’t shut up.

Within seconds I was demanding that he bury his face in my pussy, suck my clit, push his tongue right inside me and lick out all my juices and generally drink my pussy dry in so many words, he seemed beside himself with horniness that I was saying all this, but I was quite demanding, the sub in me had momentarily lost her place!

I wanted to taste myself off his tongue, lick my juices from his face… this was surely not me that was talking, I’m normally very sub and kinda quiet. I even wrapped my legs around his head to stop him moving away at one point, the poor man could probably barely breathe, but he was loving it, telling me how good I tasted and that he wanted more and more.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take him long to need some special Kaz attention, so I eagerly took him in my mouth, sucking as deep as I could and within a few minutes he was ready to burst. He warned me that it would be a lot, but honestly how much can one man produce??? I should have bloody listened as I nearly choked, never have I taken such a huge load in my mouth, it made me gag and heave and I couldn’t keep it in any longer so I dribbled it back all over my face and over him, the bed was soaked. He was finished and I was dumbstruck.

Although at the time it was too much to cope with and how I’m slightly gutted not to have got the chance to feel him in my pussy, I was thinking just how fucking spectacular that would have looked captured in a picture unloading over my tits and face… maybe I can tempt him next timeitem


Hey guys, I have been reading this subreddit3820 for quite a while and decided to make an account to share some of my sexual adventures with you. I hope you enjoy and maybe I will post some more.


My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, as I am studying at University and he is back home working. It is about a 2 hour drive, and we see one another every fortnight. We have been together for 3 years and the combination of time & long distance has encouraged us to become more adventurous between the sheets. We communicate a lot about what the other wants, and know what is consensual and what is not. Obviously the majority of kink happens when he comes to visit me (free room, no parents) so I will begin with one tame blowjob…


We began texting on the Friday morning before he went to work about all the naughty things he was going to do to me over the course of the weekend. Obviously we are unable to talk while he is actually at work, so I sent him a picture of myself dressed up in PVC to help get him through the day. (PVC and Latex is his thing) The texting promptly resumed once he finished work and was preparing to start the 2-hour journey to my flat. He told me exactly what he wanted and how I was to be ready and waiting for him. Anal is one of his favourites, so he wanted me to have one of my butt plugs in when I opened the door to him. Fast forward these 2 hours, I had had a shower, played with the butt plugs to prepare my arse and had dressed up in the same PVC I had sent him a picture of. He texts me, he is outside. Now although I basically have a free house, I do have 4 other flatmates (2 female, 2 male) so I slip on my dressing gown, walk down the stairs as quickly as 6” stillettos will allow and open the front door. I give him a wink and he follows me up the stairs, scooping me up in his arms as we enter my room.

He chucks his backpack on the floor, locks the door and immediately starts kissing me. He pushes the dressing gown off over my shoulders and stands back to admire the view. I am blonde, about 5ft 6, size 8 with slightly above average size boobs wearing a PVC corset/dress which barely covers my tight round arse, with PVC gloves and PVC stockings. His dick is instantly hard and highly visible through his shorts. He catches me staring and smirks. I close the distance between us and pull his shirt off over his head, kissing him in between as he grabs and squeezes my arse, pulling me against his erection. He notices the butt plug in my arse for the first time and his cock throbs and hardens further. I sink down to my knees, kissing down his chest as I go and slide his shorts off, and then his boxers as his erection springs free. Now he is a pretty average sized guy, about 5.5” but I absolutely adore his cock. I kiss the tip tentatively, before running my tongue along the shaft and taking the tip in my mouth, I suck and he moans a little. Slowly I take his cock further into his mouth, I like to start off slow and shallow to drive him crazy so he cannot tell when I am going to suddenly go wild on his cock with my mouth. I take about half his length and back to the tip, I repeat several times whilst moaning, my lips vibrating against his cock. I take him further in my mouth with the next go, alternating between sucking, using my tongue, and clamping my lips tight around his cock. He strokes my hair and talks to me, starting off calling me his baby, and progressing to slut and other profanities (consensual name-calling)

Then I get going. I grab his bum with both my hands and pull him further into my mouth still. I repeat slowly and hard all the way in and all the way out, adjust to the deep throating before I pick up the pace. I start to gag/ choke a little and have to pause every now and then before resuming. Water begins running from my eyes down my cheek and my spit covers his cock and begins dribbling out my mouth as I shove his cock down my throat. He grabs my hair and holds me down on his cock while I gag/choke and my throat closes around his cock.

I moan loudly and he tells me he needs to fuck me now before he cums. He pulls me up, gives me a peck on the lips before turning me around and pushing me onto the bed so I am on all fours. He climbs on the bed, grabs my hips and thrusts into me. His cock is dripping from my spit already, and my pussy is wet as I get really turned on sucking him off so he easily slides in. He slams in and out of my a few times, taking slow, deep thrusts which are so teasing. The butt plug is pushed further into my arse with each thrust making me squirm. His turn to tease me now. I beg him to destroy me, to go as hard and as fast as he can and he begins to pick up the pace. I tell him to spank me, his naughty little slut and he does before grabbing my hips hard going to town. The sensation of him fucking my tight wet pussy so hard and fast alongside the feeling of the butt plug moving around in my arse is nearly too much. I grab the bed sheets and clench my fists as I scream in pleasure, begging him to go harder and faster still which he somehow manages before he tells me he is going to finish. I tell him to cum for me and moan his name which sends him over the edge. I feel his cock throb and cum shoot inside of me. We stay there for a minute, while we catch our breaths before he pulls out and we clean up.

I grab a towel to wash & dry my face (spit literally got everywhere and had mostly dried on my face by now, but hey it floats his boat and makes his dick wet) We get changed (lounge around in underwear) order takeaway, cuddle up on my bed and watch TV. (The butt plug stays in as that’s needed later on in the night for part 2 😉 )

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Human Body As Art

Daren Valis

Some people contemplate paintings, drawings, photography and every other form of visual related content. They are ways to heal the soul, to feel connected with something special to them and mainly because of their beauty. Beauty, as it’s said, is in the eye of the beholder, and there are also a lot of people who love to contemplate another kind of art, which exists as our own instrument of survival – the human body.

The naked human body is our most natural state, it’s our truest self and our truest form; no disguise, no illusion, nothing to cover us from our fears of being judged.

In this realm of art, where the artist is showing all his intimacy, there is an appreciation for every imaginable type of being. Independently of the shape, there will always be someone who likes everything about the artist, although the artist doesn’t always love his art. This explains…

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Naughty Bedtime Story

Daren Valis

My lip to your lip,
one hand to the nipple
another one for the hip.

As I go down,
I kiss your breasts
touch your intimacy
and feel it wet and warm.

Now I know,
my mouth must go below.

I kiss my way to the center of your legs,
not missing a spot,
feeling every texture
from your mouth to your warmest core,
that’s when I want more.

You undress me slowly
but crave it fast.
I won’t waste any more time
but I will surely make it last.

As I lick your beautiful pink masterpiece,
the most beautiful I’ve ever seen,
I feel your contractions
like you’re having a dream.

Now I want to be inside –
My lips go to yours,
my hand goes to your delicate skin.
I can finally give you more.

I open your legs gently,
but put it inside roughly.
This teasing makes it…

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Erotic Portrait

Daren Valis

Her eyes smile and shine. They are big and infinite, they look intelligent and bright. She can see through souls – her kindness is reflected in her benevolent look. Her eyes are the portal to her soul and they stay in the mind of the one who looks into them; there’s no way of forgetting that penetrating look. Her eyebrows make her look powerful, but they are perfect to bring up the symmetry of her beauty, including her tiny nose and highlighted cheekbones.

The hair is long and soft. She is lying on the bed with her hair from the side, looking like a mystical mermaid with her pose – it is a piece of art to look at. Her hair makes her sexy but her softness makes her delicate and beautiful. It makes her Divine, because there’s nothing of greater beauty than the traits of the muse and the goddess.


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Dirty Bedtime Story

Daren Valis

Oh that night, that dangerous night. After a furious and long 6 months away from my beloved one, the next day was finally the day that I would put my hands in her warm and delicate body, and that’s when I got completely absorbed by the deepest and mysterious desires I’ve ever had.

I’m usually romantic and gentle, but after such resistance and long waiting, something has changed me on that night. Yes, It certainly did. I was not even aware of my twisted thoughts; a thirst for dominance had surpassed my consciousness, not allowing me to be a caring and gentle lover as I naturally am. My mind had fabricated all possible filthy and dirty acts I could imagine. At that moment, I had nothing in my mind but lascivious fire, and that fire had eclipsed all my kindness and romanticism.

My urge to gain the lost time was so intense…

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We arranged a liaison for a couple of days later and we fucked liked rabbits. The secret affair was good, and much better than I thought it would be. So we met for a further time at our usual hideout, his friend’s park side lodge. His hands wandered over my breasts. I held one hand and slowly drew it down my body, to my leg and under my skirt. This being a flared skirt, it allowed him to slide his hand a bit higher on to my lace panties. A stray finger traced along my slit and I gasped.  The finger pushed as far as the lace would allow,” let’s go upstairs” I whispered. And led him by his strong masculine hand and we walk the short way upstairs. Then into the only bedroom, I turned and kissed him then our tongues rubbed “Fuck me” I instructed not, “shall we?” but just “Fuck me”.  I slowly got undressed also making my skirt fall to the floor in front of him, as I stepped out of it. “Slip my panties off me” I told him. His hands slowly edged them off me so so sexier then I undid my bra clasp and let the lace bra fall to the floor as well. My tits fell unsupported but the hard nipples and the large size did not alter the fact that they are very good.   So I said now you take off your clothes and fuck me now. And lay upon the bed, feeling like a queen of all I rule. Soon he came over his cock hard and pointed I was looking at a 7 inch love weapon. I parted my legs slightly and stroked my own pussy a couple of times inviting him in, I was wet in anticipation.  He laid over me kissed my nipples then found a new home for his cock I reached down and help push it in to my moisten, damp, really wet , love hole. He sunk slowly into me, he went straight into the banging mode and this bed must have had a lot of that, as it rocked like a rollercoaster. My thoughts were how come a young person can do this to me and not my hubby. It must be fate but I am going to have some more.   “I’m coming on top of you” I said to him and climbed over him, I impaled myself on that wonderful manhood and sat upright, I let my self slide down his pole until my pussy was meeting his pubic hair. That meant I had all of it up to the hilt! Then I bounced my tits in his face and my hips pumping to keep his cock nice and firm in my body.  It was hard work, much easier lying on my back, but an orgasm was what I wanted. My hanging breast’s and the squelching sound of love juices made this a fantastic experience and sure enough he started to moan as I was bouncing faster and the nipples were rubbing on his nose and mouth the sensitive spots. This sound coming from him made me climax in a fast and furious rate that it spread all down his waist on some on to the bed covers. He came at the moment I climbed off him.  It spurted up my close-cropped pubic hairs that let me dip my fingers in it and rub it along my lips to taste the freshness of his cum. But I did want him to cum in my mouth so the moment had gone but his hardness hadn’t and I licked off the remaining residue with a lust of a teenager.  This made him go to my crotch and suck, lap and lick as if there was no tomorrow. And it made me feel like a queen again with a hansom king doing what I want! After this we left the bedroom in a dishevelled state so I do not know who might find it but they would wish they had been here.